New work inspired and developed from exhibition 2023 forms. These are of a smaller scale to produce affordable items to sell, using porcelain slip and white stoneware clay



Depicting the Human Condition - illustrating small changes over time. Inspired by lichen algae cells under the magnifying glass. Slip cast porcelain. 

Variety of scale

Porcelain slip cast hemishpere with slip textures



Form and Function -  Light

Gradation translated in liquid porcelain

Left: Small Porcelain slip forms made from a found pebble - Illustrating stages of demise over time. Also experimenting in miniature scale.

New forms inspired and developed from volcanic glaze exhibition forms


Three bowl forms diminishing in size.  Illustrating the demise of eveything in nature.

Two volcanic glazes white and brown/black adding rough texture

Copper oxide - adding colour

Clear glaze - adding depth

DEGREE EXHIBITION  PIECES 2023 - (de)composure Collection

Copper oxide adds the various depths of lichen green colour under enhanced with clear glaze giving depth. Porcelian movement occured during kiln firing

Volcanic glazes of white and black/brown adding a rough texture, gained in the kiln firing adding movement. Copper oxide adds a muted green.

A cream lichen crawl glaze added to enhance the idea of movement over time.

Above: Exhibition Pieces 2023 - (de)composure I, II & III - inspired by magnified lichen algae cell.  Depicting the human condition and times relentless continuum.

Matt high fired porcelain liquid slip cast with added slip decoration to give the impression of movement.

Lichen glaze added to the above forms, adding movement and unusual textures in warm earth colours, including a metalic sheen in places.

Above: Exhibition Pieces - 2023 - (de)composure - IV & V. 

Commissions considered - every piece is cast and manipulated by hand, movement also occurs in the firing. This creates a unique piece every time. Commissions will be equally unique. Similarity to the chosen original will be the aimed for outcome.

Before firing - above.  After firing right. Showing movement from the kiln firing.  

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