'Peaceful Weapons' - Body adornment - selected for Ty Pawb Open Exhibition 2022-2023



Liquid porcelain dishes copper metal spoons with torch fired enamel

Spice spoon - Brass sheet metal

Raised copper metal bowl form

Cubic zirconia in tube setting

Silver bezel carnelian cabachon ring

Cocoon brooch - sheet metal with brass cast poppy and teezle seeds

Body adornment - rings 'Seed pods bursting after a forest fire'

Copper sheet metal with  movement added by a brass rivet

Miracle growth after devastation depicted in metal 

Heat Patination to add iridescent colour

Copper sheet metal silver soldered

'The Last Drops'

Raising awareness that more consideration is needed to protect water - with global warming and how precious water is to everyone on the planet

Brass metal vessel forms with a mixture of semi precious cabachon stones in fine silver bezels

Below: Mixed media liquid porcelain, cotton textile with natural madder plant dye and acrylic paint, Jesmonite and copper metal with torch fired enamel and oxydation patination.

Mixed Media 'Symbiosis'